Madoka Penguindrum: Conflating reality into fiction, conflating fiction into reality.

As an unrelated note, I’m sad to say the notes for Last Exile S2 were left in California, so I’ll be unable to do either of the posts I promised months ago. I’ve meant to say earlier, but general inactivity left me unsure where to say so.

So I have finally caught up to the really “hot” show of the Summer season, which has now finally reached its midpoint. With the legacy of Madoka Magica also behind us, there have been discussions of the two being similar in phenomena on Twitter, and of course, just as many contrary opinions opposing, usually favoring one over the other. That, I must give, is the seed for having even considered this post. However, that will not be the true focus of the post itself, due to both the fact that Mawaru Penguindrum has yet to end (making it impossible to properly appraise) and the fact that I don’t believe they are in fact so alike, fundamentally. Continue reading

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Intersecting Demographics: Mingling Genre Elements through Azuma’s Database

Foreword: This is the last of the assignments I produced for the anime and manga studies class I took during May and June. I initially intended on refining it before posting it, but I’ve just been too swamped with work. I sincerely hope my readers will overlook the rough state of it all. As with all the other academic related posts before, but especially this one, its academic nature does mean terminology becomes really inaccessible. I’ve tried as much as possible to clarify with endnotes and paretheticals, but if anything is elusive feel free to ask through commenting or at my twitter account. For all sources that I can possibly do so legally, I’ve provided links to full texts. For journal articles, I’ve either linked to the abstract page from where you can view the full text or directly to the full text. For books, I’ve linked the page. And naturally, for websites I linked to the website. Continue reading

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Last Exile -Fam, the Silver Wing- World Premiere: Part One – Spoiler-free Impressions

So I was quite fortunate to be able to attend Anime Expo 2011. Particularly, I managed to get a half-decent spot to view both the World Premiere of the first episode of Last Exile -Fam, the Silver Wing- (shortened as Last Exile Fam from here on) and the Gonzo panel that proceeded it. As the second entry into Last Exile, Fam will be one of Gonzo’s first projects since they stopped doing anime after Saki and Shangri-la in 2009¹. Hopefully, I can be of service to people while they are forced to wait for the public premiere. This will be the first post of three; the other two posts will be a detailed summary of the first episode with significant amounts of spoilers and notes on the Gonzo panel that happened afterwards, where much discussion on the production details of Last Exile Fam were gleaned and dropped.

Fam's delicious garters *_*

The poster they circulated at Anime Expo of this is quite wonderful to behold

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