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[APRIL FOOLS] Vigorously and Speedily Eradicate Bizarre Bourgeois Anime Critique

Posted on behalf of the Revolutionary Workers of the Anime Blogging Trade in Vancouver Holding High the great red banner of Mao Zedong Thought and displaying vigorous revolutionary spirit, young revolutionary fighters in Vancouver have been busy putting up revolutionary … Continue reading

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Dog Days and False Warfare

The small stratus of anime fans who appreciate Seven Arcs productions may have looked forward to the Dog Days project, if perhaps only cheekily anticipating it. Well, I doubt there were ever that many, but I was personally excited. All … Continue reading

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Room of the April Witch: Review

Those of us on the internet, especially those that frequent the official sites of anime, manga, game, and/or visual novel companies and/or authors, have quite a time and day on our hands. Whether you are a fan of these hijinks … Continue reading

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