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Madoka Penguindrum: Conflating reality into fiction, conflating fiction into reality.

As an unrelated note, I’m sad to say the notes for Last Exile S2 were left in California, so I’ll be unable to do either of the posts I promised months ago. I’ve meant to say earlier, but general inactivity … Continue reading

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Fractale 03 – Daoist Utopia?

I won’t presume that, considering the staff assembled for the show, Yamakan and co. had any intention of representing or critiquing Daoism, but I write this anyways since it’s a fun analogue to draw with something I heard recently. Spoilers … Continue reading

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Winter 2011 Week 3

As with last week, I’ve been busy so I’m like a week late on my weekly progress on my 3 episode rule for every TV broadcast anime resolution. What I am going to watch is pretty much clear now, though … Continue reading

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