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Paranoia Agent: The Trouble of Finding a Middle

This is a review written for Reverse Thieves’s Secret Santa event. I must wonder if Lostty wanted me to loathe myself or something during this season of high consumerism, recommending both Paranoia Agent and NHK ni Youkoso!. It was great, … Continue reading

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Intersecting Demographics: Mingling Genre Elements through Azuma’s Database

Foreword: This is the last of the assignments I produced for the anime and manga studies class I took during May and June. I initially intended on refining it before posting it, but I’ve just been too swamped with work. … Continue reading

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A Strong Blend of Classic Science Fiction: Time of Eve

You may notice that this does not read like one of my usual reviews. Well, actually, I’d be impressed if you did, considering my sparse writing, but basically this is a piece I wrote for my class at university that … Continue reading

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