Suite Precure! 01~03

Even though the first rush of shows have long gone by, I’m still sticking by the 3 episode challenge. Which means I took on the first three episodes of Suite Precure. As far as Precure shows go, it seems fairly status quo. It hasn’t done any worse than Heartcatch’s start, and has even, in the 3rd episode, shown a few nice parts too, relatively.

Siren's human form's design is just miles above that of any other character

If you’ve watched a Precure before, there’s not much I can tell you about the first 3 episodes. First two episodes were used to establish the need to collect THE THINGS WE MUST COLLECT and resolve the two heroine’s lost friendship, making their continued Precureness possible.. 3rd episode is the endangerment of Hibiki’s, threatening her Precure-ness. Judging from preview, episode 4 will be the same, except for the other character.

As expected from Precure, the scenes set up for being recycled (to death) are amazingly well animated. In comparison to Heartcatch, though, the fight scenes so far have not been very extravagant, and their “finishing move” animation feels comparatively aborted. On the other hand, Siren’s process of creating a Negatone looks pretty awesome and definitely makes an impression.

One of the things I really appreciate thus far is how the human world is visually interesting in-and-of itself

There’s not much else to say, other than that Siren and Hummy’s interactions really wreck any sort of suspense or excitement up way too often with their cheap gags. I’ll probably watch a few more episodes yet. Ah, yeah, and the opening sequence is dramatically less AMAZING compared with Heartcatch’s, so try not to walk in with expectations that are too high.

Finally, is it just me, or is the ending to Suite Precure! soul music?


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