Winter 2011 Week 3

As with last week, I’ve been busy so I’m like a week late on my weekly progress on my 3 episode rule for every TV broadcast anime resolution. What I am going to watch is pretty much clear now, though I may of course, eventually get tired of a show or two as the season continues.

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Starry Sky: Yeah, as fun as episode 3 was, after episode 5 I just can’t handle it anymore. xD

Wolverine: OMEGA RED. I liked the part where Wolverine almost owned a supervillain island’s inheritor by chucking molotov cocktails from a rooftop. Like, he didn’t even need to use his powers or anything. it was great. However, the fight scene that started off the third episode was embarrassing, especially for a Madhouse show (it’s probably comparable with the X-Men cartoons back in the hey day haha). More or less, I consider this dropped. Just not my thing, and not that compelling, even if they did avoid a big pot hole by not having Jean Grey involved in the plot at all.

Fractale: This is for episode 2. Anyhow, I don’t know about other people, but I feel pretty good about Nessa. For all his claims of wanting to be say, an auteur or a special fairy director, Yamakan I think, is really great at this sort of understated cute slice-of-life-y characters. I really like the handling of Nessa, and the sentiment of her interaction with Clain was endearing. I hope the series continues to make good use of this aspect.

Hourou Musuko: I’m basically feeling the same as I did last week. Due to the timeline rigging, the show takes a lot of concentration to watch, since relationships are explained and established quite subtly and without fanfare. Which is good. However, I don’t have a lot of patience for tons of complex webbed romance dorama, so I hope it continues emphasizing other points. It’s off to a comfortable start, but I’ll have to see what else it does to differentiate itself from other stories of its nature, other than the crossdressing gambit.

Infinite Stratos: So, Skittles harem + Strike Witches continues to be average. I like the YOU HAVE TWO CHILDHOOD FRIENDS FROM DIFFERENT PARTS OF YOUR LIFE gimmick. That alone is enough to make the show fun enough to watch. Britain is sort of boring, but I never liked that character archetype. IS continues to be tolerable entertainment.

Yumekui Merry: Finally gets to the reason for the protagonist and heroine to work together. Shana show, so it is as a Shana show should be.

Cardfight!! Vanguard: Emi is ridiculously cute. Her uniform’s very spiffy. The character design sense in this show is like years ahead of other shows of its nature. I saw a card that is a maid holding a heavy machine gun, so suffice to say, I will stay for at least as long as the lady’s game with Aichi. Plus, the show’s extraordinarily realistic setting is actually fairly impressive. Vanguard is basically that fictional Japan’s Magic the Gathering, as MtG is for the west. Except the kids who play are a bit more enthusiastic about imagining the fights and roleplaying the flavour than perhaps real people, haha. Imagination is the valuable “power” of the main character in this game, not some arbitrary top decking power or basically fixing their deck to do dumb things. It’s a nice breath of fresh air for the genre of anime made to promote trading card game sales.

Dragon Crisis!: Shana show #2. Plot develops as expected. Rose not being a tsundere is a really nice change of pace. Their “love” just seems so clean so far, so I can’t help but be pleased. Even if there are vague suggestions otherwise.

Beelzebub: I think I’ll just 100% follow this show with my sister. It’s entertaining, but not quite enough that I’d watch it in my own time. It’s also sort of getting stale really fast.

GOSICK: The mystery comes together neatly, but of course, isn’t that amazing. Still, I enjoy it, plus that lol conspiracy WWI WAS DECIDED BY FORTUNE TELLING. I still like Victorica.

Rio: dropped. It’s just bad. It’s not even competent at doing average, and has no real strength in anything. I’ve said my piece on the show several times now. Nothing has changed.


Freezing: Sort of middling as it gets less gory. Still like the gritty, fatalistic combat, but that breast massage was just silly. If it gets back to those gory fights, I’ll be pleased.

OniiKoto: Hilarious. Still waiting for the BL possible-trap reverse trap to appear.

Kore wa Zombie desuka: THAT FUCKING JENGA GAME

I just realized I’ve been leaving Level E off the list. I’m up to episode 3, and I must say, after a slow first episode, it has become an incredible show. Hilarious.


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