Winter 2011 Week 1

So, for the New Year, I made a resolution: take the 3 episode rule seriously.

And I mean seriously. Every TV broadcast anime, 3 episodes. No exceptions allowed except if the show is a sequel to something I’ve yet to finish. To visually organize my status, here’s a visual.

Click to Enlarge


While I watched these shows, I also posted impressions. I’m just going to copy pasta them:

I really hope Victorique in Gosick will continue being (anime) Murasaki 2.0 for maximum Platonic moe hngs.

Yumekui has a hilarious lasting obsession with Merry’s midriff, which made it hard to keep a straight face the whole way through, but great Engrish names like CHASER JOHN DOE sets a great precedence for more naming greatness.

Madoka is basically doing a totally straight prophetical dream, stuffed animal sidekick, rival magical girl magical girl show, except with flashier and spectacular visuals. Interesting choice to go with a very mixed, bipolar variation between low key and high key lighting, almost to make magic/action sequences look overly grim while making (slice of) life sequences overly soft/fuzzy. As a result, the grittier looking parts look a lot more solid and substantial while the life parts are all washed out and ephemeral. I’m happy SHAFT got a pet project to unload all that overactivity they’re so famous on without being the effort being totally vain/misused.

Beelzebub’s just straight gag comedy for kids, decently executed, at least so far.

Ritsu’s VA is perfect for that GENKI TOMODACHI character in Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Happy to see more mahou shoujo being made.

Mahou Shounen Mecha Ichika

I don’t get what Rio wants to be. Its gambling is suspenseless, it has no jokes, no gags, and its fanservice is ultimately pretty tame.

Vanguard, from the rules introduced in the first episode, seems like an awful card game. Still, gotta wait for show power creep first, tho.

Man, it feels more like the censoring in Freezing is more appropriate for the grim gore than the “fanservice”. Surprisingly gritty combat.

Kugyuu voiced fire girl screaming Ryuji for half an hour… I can’t believe it isn’t Toradora no Shana(tm)

Kore wa Zombie desu ka? has a great ED. And it’s a great show in general. Great for laughs and is self-aware in a non-obnoxious way.

Hm, stuff like Level E aren’t really my cup’o’tea. Pacing doesn’t sit so well with me. OPED are pretty nice. Probably good objectively: just not me.

Starry Sky 01 and 02 were yaaaaaawn. But 03 is amazing in a trainwrecky crack cocaine sort of way. Seitokai is full of cunts. ;A; がばれ、つばさ!

Wolverine is hilarious. No Jean Grey, so automatically an improvement over the canon. Lame villain with lame FASTER THAN YOUR HEALING FACTOR poison.

OniiKoto as awesome as manga, yes. Thumbs up.

And that’s all for impressions this week. I’ll post episode specific reviews if I think there’s something for me to say.


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2 Responses to Winter 2011 Week 1

  1. schneider says:

    I don’t think Satomi Satou was anywhere in Madoka Magica. Are you talking about Sayaka? She’s voiced by Eri Kitamura…

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