Sickest Burns: Macross Frontier The False Songstress

I really want to write a big, long post about the recent Macross Frontier movie. However, before I do that, there’s quite a bit of reading I want to do first, and then probably a more meticulous reviewing of the film to really break it down, so I can have it organized for that post, that I hope will make something of a splash (I hope no one’s already posted a similar post!).

Be mindful, I’m trying to do this project whilst I have to watch several Western films (like, the genre Western) to prep for a paper, in addition to an upcoming trip to Akicon for a fighting game tournament. etc. I hope I get to it soon, particularly while it stays relevant.

In the mean time though, I just really wanted to bring up this like 8 second shot:

Seriously, I was watching with some others and we're like OH BURNZ

Probably the most entertaining line in the movie.

That’s all I really have to say. I really love the movie’s increased use of Alto’s kabuki background. It was something really missing from the series, or perhaps not so much missing, but inadequately represented. It’s one of the things that helped me really set him apart.


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