Intermission: Inafune Keiji leaves Capcom

andriasang article here: link

I have mixed feelings about this, overall. He left right in the middle of the MML3 development, but really, I looked at the winner of the MML3 heroine vote, and have decided that the democratic development of the game’s already ruined it.

Taking a second for chuckles, it’s interesting to mention that Inafune’s design in fact finished last, so there have been jokes about him being SALTY about that and quitting.

More seriously though, the interview mentioned in that article indicates that he intends to keep developing, at a more direct level. I suppose Megaman Legends 3 was the last big project he wanted to, or could do, at Capcom now that he’s reached that high CEO position. He probably had nothing more that he needed from them.

So perhaps now we’ll be able to see him move onto a different company, or strike out on his own? Whatever it is, I’m sure he’ll be able to make a splash.

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One Response to Intermission: Inafune Keiji leaves Capcom

  1. HabeQuiddam says:

    That one I didn’t mind so much. She looks alright. I just wish I’d known sooner it was a “rival” character. She looks like a heroine to me.
    Maybe other people got fooled the same way.

    What surprised me was that “King Gainer”-looking design (Yoshikawa) getting third, lol.

    In any case, I figured it was only a matter of time before Inafune left. It feels like Capcom was stunting his development as they moved to focus on things that will sell well in the current market.

    On one hand that means we get Vanquish, which is about as mainstream as it comes. On the other hand, it took years for MML3 to come out, and now it might be in dire straits without Inafune himself. Hopefully others who worked on the original games are still around to pick up the slack.

    He waits years to make the game and has been pushing for it since the PS1, and now he leaves? Must have been some srsbzns.

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